The Grapplehead Collection

It doesn’t matter if it’s jiu-jitsu, wrestling, or MMA.  If you are around any kind of serious grappling, then you either have cauliflower ear or know someone who has cauliflower ear.  Most people outside of the grappling world do not even know what cauliflower ear is.  If they come across it, they may cringe at the site of it.  Here at Rolljunkie, however, we think it is a beautiful thing.  It’s a sign you have been putting in the mat time and in our opinion something to be proud of.  It’s an instantly recognizable characteristic of grappling.  That’s why we created the Grapplehead collection, a line of products including shirts, patches, stickers, and more branded with our head and cauliflower ear logo.  It’s a way for all grapplers, whether you have cauliflower ear or not, to represent the culture we are a part of.  And if you are a grappler with cauliflower ear, well then you already have the perfect matching accessories.


Grapplehead Shirt Complete With Cauliflower Ear