BJJ Rash Guards

Rolljunkie takes pride in offering high quality BJJ rash guards with clean, stylish designs.  Below we take an in depth look at our Classic BJJ rash guard and our Elite BJJ rash gaurd products.

Our classic BJJ rash guards are made with sublimated print logos.  Unlike screen printed logos used by some other manufacturers, our prints will never crack, fade, or peel no matter how many times you wash them.  The classic is a black, long sleeve rash guard that was designed to look clean and wear comfortably.  The front features our classic Rolljunkie box and logo across the chest and on the upper back is our Rolljunkie box logo.  Orange highlights in the design give it just the right amount of color to complete the look.  Extra side panels are sewn into the sides which reduced seams at stress points for increased comfort and durability.   



Our Elite BJJ rash guards are also made with sublimated print logos so they will never crack, fade, or peel no matter how many times you wash them.  The Elite is a black long sleeve rash gaurd featuring extended side panels in gray.  The side panels extend through the upper arm eliminating stitching from the armpit area for increased comfort.  Durability is improved by removing the seams from the high stress point areas under the arms.  Added room in the arm pits allows for increased mobility and comfort.  The front chest features our Rolljunkie box and logo with "Feed Your Addiction" written underneath.  The Rolljunkie box is printed on the upper back and Rolljunkie is written down the left forearm.  Overall our Elite BJJ rash guard provides you with unparalleled comfort and durability with a design that is simple yet stylish.