BJJ Shirts By Rolljunkie

At Roljunkie, we take pride in everything we make.  Our BJJ shirts are no different.  We make them with the highest quality possible and use designs that look great.  Made from an ultra-soft 60/40 polyester cotton blend, our shirts feel great to the touch and an athletic cut means you have a tee that not only feels great, but fits great too. 

BJJ shirt with distressed Rolljunkie print


We offer a wide variety of designs that are clean yet stylish including distressed print and classic logo shirts.  In addition, we have several BJJ shirts featuring our Grapplehead logo with the puffed out cauliflower ears.  And don't worry about that itchy neck tag - we replaced that with an inside printed label.  That means you have the best BJJ shirt possible inside and out.  Wear it to and from training or anywhere else you go, you're sure to love our BJJ shirts.  Made for Brazilian jiu-jitsu addicts.


BJJ shirt inside label by Rolljunkie apparel


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