Fight Shorts by Rolljunkie

Fight Shorts FrontWe designed our Rolljunkie fight shorts to be the highest quality and comfort for use by grapplers and fighters everywhere. We started with a clean stylish design that is sublimation printed for a look that will never crack, fade, or peel no matter how many times you wash it.  Then, we reduced the size of the velcro closure on the front of the fight shorts and gave them a fitted waist band with a rubber inside lining to go along with stretch fabric inside the crotch.  The result is a higher level of comfort and mobility around the waist that is noticebly different when training.  To improve durability we even added rounded edges on the bottom of the fight shorts to prevent fraying. The end result is a pair of fight shorts that are unparalleled in comfort and durability at a price that won't break your budget.  And to make a great product even better, Rolljunkie always ships free in the US. 

Sublimated Fight Shorts

Sublimated design won't crack fade or peel


Rounded Edges on Fight Short Bottoms

Rounded edges reduces fraying and improves durability

 Rolljunkie Fight Shorts

Fight Shorts made better