Watch how Leandro Lo beat Erberth Santos to win the middleweight grand prix at Copa Podio



For the first time outside Brazil, the Copa Podio arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to make the middleweight GP of the fourth season. The event, held on July 9, the day that Argentina celebrates its independence, had Leandro Lo, biggest star of the event, along with other beasts like Erberth Santos, Claudio Calasans, Victor Estima, Diego Borges, Nicholas Meregali, Dillon Danis, Max Gimenis, John Combs and Dan Borovic.

The battles were awesome, but Leandro Lo conquered the title again. After going unbeaten through the group stage, the leader of the Brotherhood collide with Erberth Santos, current absolute world runner-up, at the final. The match was set after Lo apply a takedown and take the Erberth’s back, doing 6-0 to win the title. Check the video with the war between Leandro Lo and Erberth Santos.

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