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Grappling State NJ BJJ Rash Guard

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We have roots in New Jersey so we figured it was about time we did a NJ themed rash guard. After all, NJ often gets a bad wrap. But its undeniable some of the best grapplers in the world have come out of The Garden Grappling State, including ADCC champions, UFC champions, and NCAA Wrestling champions to name a few. The Jersey state outline is present on the front and back and the back and sleeves features a dark gray/black camo background with subtle Rolljunkie monkey logos included. Also available in kids rash guard sizes.

Not from NJ? Tell us where you train on our Instagram page and maybe we'll do your home state next. 

Made for NJ grappling addicts. 


Size Chart

Size Weight
XS < 135 LBS
S 135 - 150 LBS
M 150 - 175 LBS
L 175 - 200 LBS
XL 200 - 220 LBS
2XL 220 - 235 LBS
3XL > 230 LBS


Please note that size guides are estimates only and cannot account for individual preferences.


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