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“Roll” is a term used in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that refers to sparring or live training.  It’s from this term that the name Rolljunkie was born.  Rolljunkie is a lifestyle brand that specializes in producing gear, apparel, and other clothing for grapplers, fighters, and athletes everywhere with a healthy addiction to their sport.  

Whether it’s jiu-jitsu, wrestling, mma, or cross training, we have found that we are not alone in our passion and there are junkies everywhere who can’t get enough of the sweat, the hard work, and the rewards of doing what they do.  When your passion for your sport becomes a lifestyle, it's something that few outsiders will ever understand.  It’s a passion Rolljunkie was built on.

Previous Releases

We're known for releasing new and innovative styles and products, but we actually started from a few simple products.  Check out some of earlier releases and see how Rolljunkie has evolved.