Sponsorship FAQ

Welcome to the Rolljunkie Sponsorship FAQ page.  We receive a large number of sponsorship requests and hope this page will serve as way to answer some of the most common questions we receive.

Are you currently taking new sponsored athletes?

Yes, but on an extremely limited basis.  We receive a high number of sponsorship requests and it's just not possible for us sponsor everyone.  When we find an athlete that shows a proven commitment to our brand, we consider them for sponsorship.


BJJ Sponsor



What are you looking for in a sponsor?

 We look for several things in our sponsored athletes.  

First and foremost, we look for quality in character.  It's important that those representing our brand share the qualities that we find important, including dedication, sportsmanship, and integrity both on and off the mats.

We look for athletes that like our brand and what it stands for.  Our athletes should be fans of our products.  If you're already wearing our products, then we know you like our gear and our brand.  

Our sponsored athletes should be active on social media.  We support our sponsored athletes and in return they help promote our brand.  We have found social media from our sponsored athletes is one of the best ways they can spread the word about Rolljunkie.

We look for competitors.  Our sponsored athletes wear our gear when competing.  It's a great way to get show our brand to others.  The more you compete and get on the podium the better.


I believe I am what you are looking for in a sponsor.  What's the next step to get sponsored?

Write us and let us know why you think you should be sponsored.  We want to know more about your character and who you are on and off the mats.  Tell us about yourself and what you stand for.

Show us you are fans of the Rolljunkie brand.  Send us pictures or video of you wearing our product.  We are particularly looking for pictures/video of you representing Rolljunkie in competition and on the podium.  The bigger the competition the better.  Have a picture at an IBJJF competition on the podium with Rolljunkie gear? That's what we want to see!  Show us your serious about being a sponsor and we'll show our support for you in return.


 Jiu Jitsu Sponsored Athlete