Let's face it. We all must be a bit mad to train jiu jitsu. We train a martial art that constantly puts us at risk for getting choked out or having a limb torn off. That's what we do. And for beginners, learning jiu jitsu can be a little like tumbling down the rabbit hole. Put in enough mat time, however, and you'll be feeling more like the Cheshire Cat than lost little Alice. Our Cheshire rash guards were made in that spirit. Descend into madness, throw on your Cheshire rash guard, and get out there and train.

Cheshire Rash Guards


August 20, 2020


Shelby Clause said:

I think y’all know me
By now but like always nothing but love and been just about my only Jiu jitsu gear and won’t by any other reshgrluard that’s for sure and most my gis are y’all’s as well and I always been loyal and for a reason you guys been awesome to
Me over yesrs and your gear is nothing less than legit and phat as hell with design and again just straight up legit and I’m
Picky so that’s says a lot and you guys keep me coming back and just wanted to say!! Ohhh yeah and anymore of Cheshire Cat and all good if not I know better
On why I’m
Ordering at least four and probably same for the first time my son guys
He is 7 and it’s time to start the journey for him and it’s beyond awesome and passing it on to the next and passing my love for
Roll junkies as well !!

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