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How to use the Interactive BJJ Black Belt Lineage Tree

We recommend using a desktop or laptop computer for the best viewing experience.

Click on a node to select it. Click, drag, and drop the canvas to pan. Node color changes depending on the number of children nodes.



Tree Orientation

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More information on The Maeda Project

For years, Rolljunkie maintained the largest and most complete database of Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belts, including their lineages as part of a web application known as The Maeda Project, named after Mitsuyo Maeda.  The project was started in 2012 as a way to share the history and connection to the past to which everyone who trains jiu-jitsu is linked.  The database driven site featured an interactive lineage tree, search and browse tools, profiles of black belts, and a form for submitting recently awarded BJJ black belts. 

Unfortunately, the amount of effort and time required to maintain the project exceeded our resources at the time and the project was shut down in 2018.

After we took the project offline, we received regular inquiries about the project and its status.  We understand that the black belt lineage database was a valuable resource to the jiu-jitsu community and so we re-launched the interactive tree portion of the project in 2020.  Eventually, we hope to re-launch the search, profile, and contribution tools of the project as well.

We are not updating the lineage tree with new entries.  The tree is read-only for the time being.     

Supporting the Project

If you would like to see the return of The Maeda Project in it's entirety, support the project by supporting Rolljunkie. Buy some Rolljunkie gear, whether it's a BJJ gi or a jiu-jitsu shirt, it all helps. Share the project on social media, on your own websites/blogs, follow us on Instagram, and help spread the word.  


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