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BJJ Shorts Evolution

Back in 2012 when we released our first pair of BJJ Shorts, we wanted to make something that would hold up to all the abuse of jiu jitsu training. What we came up with was a pair of BJJ Shorts that was built like a tank. They were stitched heavy fabric, cut loose to fall at the knee or beyond, which was the style at the time. It's amazing we still see plenty of those early BJJ Short styles in use today. They were built to last and they have.

Much like our brand, our BJJ Shorts have evolved over time. Using feedback from our own experience and from our training partners and customers, we moved toward a more lightweight and slimmer cut style of training shorts. The result was what you see in our shop today, a pair of BJJ Shorts that is still made every bit as tough, but also give you added mobility and comfortability without all that fabric holding you down. They look great too as we have plenty of styles to choose from and the added comfort is especially great for those who like to train the leg lock game.