At Rolljunkie, we love stickers and we know many of our customers do too. That’s why we are constantly releasing new sticker designs and we include at least one free sticker in every single order we ship.

If you’re all stocked up on BJJ gear and just want to get your jiu-jitsu grabbing hands on some stickers, no worries, we got you covered with some other options. You can order a BJJ sticker pack with our latest sticker designs or follow the instructions below to get hooked up with some free Rolljunkie stickers.

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How to Get Free Rolljunkie Stickers (U.S only)

If you reside in the U.S., getting some free Rolljunkie stickers is super easy, just send us a self-addressed stamped envelope and we’ll take care of the rest. We keep a ton of stickers on hand just for this reason, simply follow the instructions below.

How to Send a Self-addressed Stamped Envelope

1. Get two envelopes.
2. Address envelope #1 to Rolljunkie, with your location as the return address.
3. Apply a stamp to envelope #1.
4. Address envelope #2 to yourself (the location where you would like your stickers mailed), with Rolljunkie’s location as the return address.
5. Apply a stamp to envelope #2.
6. Place envelope #2 inside envelope #1 and seal it up. Note that you may need to fold envelope #2 to make it fit, which is totally fine.
7. Drop the item in the mail.
8. Wait patiently. It can take a few weeks for our team to process sticker requests.
9. Receive your Rolljunkie stickers!. 

BJJ Stickers by Rolljunkie

Send a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope to the address below and we will fill it with stickers and mail it back to you.

Rolljunkie Sticker Request Address

Attn: Sticker Requests
800 Denow Road Suite C, #382
Pennington, NJ 08534

Pro tip: Don’t be a jerk. Please only apply Rolljunkie stickers to things you own and get permission to sticker anything else.

Share your stickers: We love seeing where our customers stick their Rolljunkie stickers. We have seen them on cars, laptops, snowboards, and everything in between. Send us some pics of where you put your stickers or tag us on Instagram.

What else should I send? We absolutely love getting pictures, art, and stories from our customers about how jiu-jitsu has impacted their lives. Your continued support means the world to us.

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