Why Rolljunkie?

It doesn't matter if you have been training a month or a decade. If you're passionate about jiu-jitsu like we are, then our gear is for you. We make innovative designs so you can express your own individuality through your game and your gear. Simply put, no other brands make styles like we do.

Will wearing our gear make you better at jiu-jitsu? Hell no. Only training will do that. But our gear will make you more comfortable and confident. And we hope just a little more excited about training - even on those down days when you need that extra push to get to the academy (even the best of us have them).  

BJJ Addict

Be an individual. Wear what you what you like. Train as often as you can. And always, always keep learning.


If you see something you like on our site, we hope you try it out. If you're not satisfied, contact us and we'll make it right.    

About Rolljunkie

Rolljunkie was formed in 2012 by two brothers from New Jersey with a passion for jiu-jitsu. Like most of you, we train as often as we can, but we're not BJJ world champions (although we train with a few). When we created Rolljunkie, we started with clean basic designs, something that was hard to find at the time in a market flooded with loud MMA branded styles. Over the years, our brand and our style has evolved and improved. We still roll out products with clean stylish designs, but we also drop a steady stream of limited releases with creative designs that are as unique as you are. If you want to rock gear on the mats that looks clean and cool, you came to the right place. But if you'd rather wear something that turns heads and gets people asking where you got that sick rash guard, well, we have that too.

Rolljunkie Jiu Jitsu Company

The Rolljunkie Name

For the uninitiated, “Roll” is a term used in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that refers to sparring or live training.  It’s from this term that the name Rolljunkie was born.

Whether it’s jiu-jitsu, wrestling, or MMA, we know there are grapplers everywhere with a healthy addiction to their sport - those that can’t get enough of the sweat, the hard work, and the rewards of doing what they do. When your passion for your sport becomes a lifestyle, it's something that few outsiders will ever understand. It’s a passion Rolljunkie was built on.