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Yeti Rolljunkie BJJ Sticker

Rolljunkie BJJ Stickers (Pack of 5)

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Love BJJ stickers as much as we do?  Now you can pick some up anytime you need them.  They are great for your car, your laptop, or wherever else you want to put them.  Our jiu jitsu stickers are coated for protection against wind, rain, and sunlight so you know they'll last even when used outdoors.

We're always coming up with new sticker designs, check for updates to the sticker pack in the future.  

Take a look at our BJJ sticker history.


BJJ Sticker pack includes:

Quantity (1) - Circle RJ Logo Sticker.  Size: 4".

Quantity (1) - Die Cut Monkey with US Flag Sticker.  Size: 4" x 3.4".

Quantity (1) - Die Cut Monkey Storm Trooper Sicker.  Size: 4.5" X 3.68"

Quantity (1) - Die Cut Clockwork Monkey Sticker.  Size: 4" X 3.55"

Quantity (1) - Die Cut Yeti Monkey sticker.  Size: 3" X 2.34"


Made for Jiu-jitsu Addicts