First, let's start by acknowledging there are a lot more than 5 reasons to train jiu jitsu.  But if we listed every reason why you should train, we would end up with a list that was way too long to read. We're also writing this list with beginners in mind. So with that out of the way, keep reading for our (top) 5 reasons to train jiu jitsu.


1.  Get in Shape / Stay in Shape

BJJ is physical sport. From drilling to training, it requires a significant amount of energy. For those looking to shed a few pounds or those that just want to stay in shape, BJJ is one of the best martial arts you can train. Rolling (also known as randori) can be done at different intensity levels and rounds can typically be taken off if a break is needed.  For those that are still working their way back into shape, being able to adjust the level of their training intensity is a great way to ease back into fitness.

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2.  Self Defense

This may be stating the obvious, but learning BJJ means you're also learning how defend yourself. It's a skillset that most of us hope we never have to use in a real world situation, but it's still an import skillset to know. The truth of the matter is most people have little to no idea how to fight or defend themselves properly. Learning jiu-jitsu, even at a fundamental level, will give you tools you can use to protect yourself in a physical altercation.


3.  Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable / Builds Confidence

For most people starting BJJ, grabbing hold of another person and trying to choke them out or put them in a submission does not come natural. It takes a while to get used to training, to get used to the feeling of being crushed by an opponent or the struggle to breath while someone is trying to choke you. BJJ puts you in physical positions that are extremely uncomfortable. Over time, however, you get used to being uncomfortable.  You learn to remain calm, learn not to panic, and learn how to think clearly under pressure. These lessons can be applied in real life situations. It's important to remain calm in jiu jitsu and in non jiu jitsu situations that may cause others around you to panic. Along the same lines, BJJ builds confidence, not only in your abilities to train BJJ, but confidence in general that can be applied to other facets of your life.

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4.  Make Connections

One of the amazing things about jiu jitsu is the camaraderie you will find on the mats.  Train long enough and you will end up building relationships with people of all ages, colors, and from all walks of life.  The mats truly are a melting pot and it is true that anyone can learn jiu jitsu.  Most find that the connections they make on the mats often carry over to life off that mats. Once you start training, you immediately become part of a jiu jitsu community that is overwhelmingly positive and supportive.


5.  Learn Something New

Jiu jitsu is different than many other physical activities in that there is a huge mental component. When you train, you're not only sharpening your physical abilities, but your mental abilities as well. You may have heard others refer to jiu jitsu as human chess. This is because you need you to think several steps ahead when you move so that you are moving with purpose.  There are chaining attacks, counter attacks, and counter attacks to counter attacks.  There are setups and traps, and you never stop learning techniques and maneuvers that are as mental as they are physical.  It's one of the reasons jiu jitsu is such a fascinating and interesting martial art to learn. 


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November 09, 2020


Amy Saunders said:

Hmm.. guess what? This article reminds me of my daughter who’s an introvert and always finds it difficult to have a good sense of self-esteem when she’s outside. I’m, so glad you highlighted the many benefits of learning Jiu-jitsu which includes enhancing our interpersonal skills inadvertently. I’ll make sure she enrolls into the right class so she can build up her spirit soon.

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