We have made a ton of BJJ rash guards over the years.  Each and every design is cool in its own way.  Personal preferences will vary, but in this article we rank our top ten favorite rash guard designs to date.  Note that single one-off custom rash guards are not included on this list.


10. Edge

Clean and classic.  The Edge marked our first release with an improved fabric and cut - the same we still use today.  The styling is not overstated on this rash guard but still has enough color to give it some pop.

edge cool bjj rash guard

9.  Focus

A long sleeve rash guard with extra logos down the sleeves for a competition look.  The side panels on this rash guard add additional style elements that make this one of our favorites.

cool bjj rash guard

cool bjj rash guard

8.  Bandit

The bandit rash guard prominently displays our iconic cauliflower ear monkey front and center.  Two different base colors are used on the front and back panels add to the red and gray color design.  We also added in a subtle cross hatch pattern on the back panel.  Overall, a great looking rash guard and one of our best.

best bjj rashguard

best jiu jitsu rash guard

7.  Psycho

We broke the mold with this one.  Up until we made the Psycho rash guard, most of our styling was focused on being clean and cool. Then we got the idea for the Psycho and mocked it up. When we finished the mockup, we knew we had to make it.  Sure it was outrageous and like no other rash guard that had been made before, but it looked amazing.  Our customers agreed and made the Psycho one of our fastest selling rash guards ever released.  Years later, we still get inquiries about this release.  

Update:  An updated version, the Psycho II BJJ Rash Guard, was released in late 2020.

best bjj rash guard

6.  Funk

Retro lettering, super cool color scheme, and our cauliflower ear monkey on the back.  What's not to love?

cool best bjj rash gaurd

best rash guard bjj

5.  Cursed

Another rash guard design unlike anything that had made before it.  This one was a hit with adults and kids for obvious reasons.  Anyone who has trained in the gi has felt like they were wrapped up like a mummy at some point.

best rash guard jiu jitsu

cool bjj rash gaurd

best jiu jitsu rash guard


We can't take all the credit for this one.  @sergiovilas came up with the initial samurai monkey mock up.  Then we finalized the mockup and the end result was one awesome looking rash guard.  We especially love the "GG" emblem we worked into the top of the helmet, short for Garrett Goldsbury, head instructor at NJMMAA.

Best BJJ Rash Guard

best bjj rash gaurd

3.  Team Tonon

We designed this rash guard with direct feedback from Garry Tonon.  We thought it looked so cool, we did the matching shorts to go with it.  Created for Brunswick BJJ academy in New Jersey.

garry tonon bjj rash guard

garry tonon rash guard

2.  Phantom

Dark gray on black with subtle side panel stripes.  This rash guard was ahead of its time.  We loved it so much we made it in both short sleeve and long sleeve versions and have brought back similar color schemes on our Wraith and Shadow BJJ rash guards.

BJJ Cool Rash Guard


1.  Battle

We created this rash guard by overlaying text on top of an image of a soldier.  We love the way it turned out and released it for Veteran's day.  This style is so unique and cool, it ranks the top of our all-time favorite rash guard releases. And in case you're wondering what the text reads, its the Jits creed printed further below, inspired by the rifleman's creed.

Cool Rash Guard

Best Rash Guard


Jits Creed:

This is my jits game.  There are many like it, but this one is mine.  My jits game is my best friend.  It is my life.  I must master it as I must master my life.  My jits game, without me, is useless.  Without my jits game, I am useless.  I must train to improve my jits game.  I must train harder than my opponent who is trying to defeat me.  I must submit him before he submits me.  I will. 



Thanks for reading our top ten list of the best BJJ rash guards.  Think there is a design we missed?  Post a comment below.

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December 04, 2019


Alex said:

The ones with the cauliflower monkey are always the best rashguard

Mike Jones said:

Sure wish everything wasnt sold out

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