This week we dropped in at one of our favorite places to train, Pure Mixed Martial Arts in Rockaway, NJ. No surprise here - the mats were packed end to end and there was plenty of Rolljunkie gear getting put to work in the room.

Andy and Mikey Main Pure MMA
Andy and Mikey Main at Pure MMA in Rockaway, NJ


We brought the cameras to capture owners and brothers Andy and Mikey Main doing what they do, providing top level instruction and of course getting in plenty of live training. Bonus for us, we brought the photography gear on a night when Dan Novaes was promoted to black belt.  Big congrats to him. Thanks to Andy and Mikey for letting us bring the cameras and thanks to everyone at Pure for their support. We got some sick photos which we'll be sharing in the days ahead. 

Pure MMAAnother night of full mats at Pure MMA

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July 24, 2022

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