Products through Fall 2019 are shown below. 

Jiu Jitsu Gear Like No Other

We're taking you back all the way to 2012 when Rolljunkie started out with a few modest styles and products. Since then, we have been pushing the envelope with the most unique and innovative designs around. We regularly release new products and retire sold out designs which means if you see something you like, you will want to grab it before it's gone. Different and original, check out some of the products we've put out over the years starting with our more recent releases first.  (Not all custom and academy designs are pictured here.)

Rolljunkie Shadow Jiu Jitsu Shirt
The Shadow jiu jitsu t-shirt is part of our matching set of Shadow jiu jitsu gear.  Like all of our shirts, it's printed on ultra-soft fabric using specialty ink for an end result that as comfortable as any shirt you will find.  It's perfect for wearing to and from the jiu-jitsu academy or lounging around the house watching BJJ videos.
Shadow BJJ T Shirt


Vintage Rolljunkie Monkey Jiu Jitsu Shirt
Our jiu jitsu monkey shirts typically sell out in quickly. It's easy to understand why, our monkey logo looks awesome. So after the previous batch sold out, we decided to go single sided, single color with a distressed print for that vintage look. The result - a great looking jiu jitsu shirt that cauliflower nation is sure to love.
Jiu Jitsu Shirt
Shadow BJJ Shorts
The perfect compliment to our BJJ pants and rash guards.  Shadow shorts have the same great gray on black look for a clean style that looks great when heal hooking opponents.  Wear them separately or as part of the Shadow set.
BJJ Shorts
Shadow Compression BJJ Pants
We designed the Shadow compression BJJ pants to match our Shadow rash guards.  Wear them together for a complete look or separately if you prefer.  Either way, they look great.
BJJ Pants



Shadow Short Sleeve BJJ Rash Guards
Shadow short sleeve BJJ rash guards are the first release of Shadow BJJ gear.  The rash guards are black with gray sublimated designs and gray contrast stitching.  The result is a stylish clean look. 
shadow bjj rash guard
Shadow BJJ Rash Guard


NJMMAA BJJ Rash Guards
The second release of rash guards for North Jersey Mixed Martial Arts Academy features the NJMMAA logo and the Rolljunkie monkey decked out in a samurai warrior helmet.  
NJMMAA Samarai BJJ Rash Guard
Podium Jiu Jitsu Shirts
Released in 2019, Rolljunkie Podium jiu jitsu shirts are the latest ultra-soft tee from Rolljunkie.  Featuring the same great fit and comfort as all of our other jiu jitsu shirts, the Podium shirt is a unique distressed print for a vintage feel.
Rolljunkie Jiu Jitsu Shirt



Villain Jiu Jitsu Gi
One of our favorites, Villain jiu jitsu kimonos were released in late December 2018 and came with a Rolljunkie gi bag.
BJJ Gi Collar
BJJ Gi BagBJJ Gi Monkey
jiu jitsu gear


Leve Academy Rash Guards
Custom academyrash guards for Leve BJJ in Philadelphia, PA.
Leve BJJ Rash Guard
custom rash guard


bjj rash guard green

MA Fitness Custom Fight Shorts
Custom fight shorts from concept to creation for MA Fitness in Marlton, NJ.
BJJ Short Mockup
jiu-jitsu gearBJJ Shorts
Rolljunkie Cat Jiu Jitsu Gi
Here is a custom gi we created for one of our young jiu-jitsu grapplers.  She loves cats and the color pink so we made a custom cat jiu jitsu kimono!
Cat BJJ Gi
Cat BJJ Kimono
Cat BJJ Gi Pants
jiu jitsu gear
Cat BJJ Gi



Rolljunkie Monkey Jiu Jitsu Shirt
We dropped our cauliflower ear monkey on a super-soft 60/40 poly cotton blended jiu jitsu shirt. The red and white logo looks great whether you train jiu-jitsu, MMA, or wrestling. 
Jiu Jitsu Shirt
Jiu Jitsu Shirt




Wraith BJJ Rash Guard
Designed in the same spirt as our Phantom rash guard series, the Wraith is a new take on subtle design.  Sublimated dark gray logos on a black background make for a clean look with just the right amount of style. 
Wraith BJJ Rash GuardWraith BJJ Rash GuardWraith BJJ Rash GuardWraith BJJ Rash GuardWraith BJJ Rash Guard



Momentum Jiu Jitsu Gi
The Momentum jiu jitsu kimono originally shipped in early 2018 and is the fifth kimono release in from Rolljunkie. The kimono was re-released in 2020 with small design updates to the trim colors. The design is stylish with asymmetric shoulder logos and small details that make this jiu jitsu gi look as great as it fits.  We also shipped with a free matching kimono bag.  
Momentum BJJ Gi
blue bjj gi kimono
bjj gi pants blue
bjj gi bag
Peak BJJ Shorts
Our BJJ short release for 2017, Peak shorts once again pushed the BJJ style into new territory with shorts inspired by the look of board shorts.   Clean lines and a slimmer fit made for one of our most popular short releases to date.
Peak BJJ Shorts
Peak BJJ Shorts
Cursed BJJ Rash Guards
Released in October 2017 for Halloween.  This mummy styled BJJ rash guard brings a look unlike any other rash guard.  The bandages and wraps look great on the mats.
Best BJJ Rash GuardBest BJJ Rashguard MummyWrestling BJJ MMA Rash Guard



Bandit BJJ Rash Guards
Released in Fall 2017. The cauliflower ear monkey logo returns on another rash guards.  We made this one an awesome gray, red, and white color combination with a two tone front and back style. 

Bandit MMA BJJ Rash Guardred jiu jitsu rash guard



Evolve Compression Pants
Released in July 2017.  The cauliflower ear monkey logo makes it's first appearance on our second batch of compression pants.   
Evolve Compression Pants



Torque BJJ Rash Guards
Released in Feb 2017.  The cauliflower ear monkey makes an appearance on a smaller scale.  We splashed some orange trim on this one as a nod to our earlier logos then went two tone front and back with some cool design elements to top of the look.
Torque MMA BJJ Rashguard
Funk BJJ Rash Guard
The Funk was our first release of 2017.  We took our BJJ Cauliflower Ear Monkey logo, featured it on the back, then went with big retro lettering and some cool funky coloring.  
Funk MMA BJJ Rashguard
Best MMA Rasghaurd
Arsenal BJJ Gi
Released late in 2016, the Arsenal was our fourth overall gi release and without a doubt the best to date.  A new fresh design along with lightweight quality fabrics and stitching have made this BJJ gi extremely popular.
Battle BJJ Rash Guard
We wanted to do something special for Veteran's Day so we went all out and created the Battle BJJ rash guard.  With a text image design featuring the jits creed, it is unlike anything ever done on a rash guard before, we released this with a steep discount for all our veterans.
Coolest BJJ Rashguard
Battle MMA Jiu Jitsu Rashguard
Phantom Short Sleeve BJJ Rash Guard 
The Phantom Long Sleeve rash guards was so popular, we brought it back in short sleeve.  Dark gray on black, it doesn't get much clean and cooler than that.
Best BJJ Rashguard Reviews
CEBY BJJ Rash Guard
CEBY or Cauliflower Ear Black and Yellow.  We decided to feature our cauliflower ear logo on a  rash guards and this is what we came up with.  Sick original design on a tough, black with yellow and white trim rash guard.  
Rolljunkie rashguard MMA
Alpha BJJ Compression Pants
The first compression pants we ever released were a huge success.
BJJ Compression Pants Spatz
Flow BJJ Shorts
Similar to our Stealth BJJ shorts with just a little more color.
The best BJJ Shorts Period
Phantom Long Sleeve BJJ Rash Guard
The first of two Phantom BJJ rash guard releases. This design was so popular, we released another batch in short sleeve.
Competition BJJ Rashguard
Edge BJJ Rash Guards
This rash guard was a game changer for Rolljunkie.  Released with a new and improved cut, all of our later releases have since been cut the same way.
Coolest BJJ Rash Guard
Black Isle BJJ Gi
We took our design to the next level with this BJJ Gi.  First we made it black, then we added additional embroidery for an awesome look.
Black Isle BJJ Kimono 
Focus BJJ Rash Guards
Our Focus long sleeve rash guards sold out quick.  Great style and design, it remains one of our all time favorites.Focus BJJ rash guard front jitsuFocus BJJ Rashguards Wrestling MMA
Rolljunkie Debris Jiu Jitsu Shirt
Cool logo and a cool color made for a cool jiu jitsu shirt.
BJJ Debris Tee
Classic White Jiu Jitsu Shirt
We brought back the classic jiu jitsu shirt, this time in white with a refreshed design.
White BJJ Tee
Psycho BJJ Rash Guards
This sick design that speaks for itself.  Our customers loved these!
Psycho Rashguard
Comp II BJJ Shorts
We originally made these for some of our sponsored athletes but then loved the design so much we decided to make them a full release.
Competition BJJ Shorts
BJJ Lifestyle Jiu Jitsu Shirt
One of our most popular shirts ever - the BJJ Lifestyle T with distressed print.
BJJ Lifestyle Tee Shirt
Classic II Jiu Jitsu Gi
Made as tough as the original with blue contrast stitching for a little more style.
BJJ Kimono Gi
Performance BJJ Rash Guard
Performance BJJ rash guards marked the moment we transitioned permanently to side panels for all of ourrash guards.  The side panels made for a better fit and added durability from better seam placement.
bjj gear
Grapplehead Jiu Jitsu Shirt
This jiu jitsu shirt came complete with cauliflower ears.
jits tee shirts
Roll X Jiu Jitsu Shirt
Front and back design, we released the Roll X jiu jitsu shirt in both black and white styles.
Classic Jiu Jitsu Gi
For our original jiu-jitsu gi release we kept it simple - white, contrast gray stitching, and built to last.
Classic BJJ Kimono
Rogue BJJ Rash Guard
One of our earliest long sleeverash guards, this one is a classic.
Rashguard for BJJ Academy
Equal Jiu Jitsu Shirt
All men were created equal, then some learned jiu-jitsu.
BJJ Tee Shirt
NJ Grappling Jiu Jitsu Shirt
A jiu jitsu t-shirt made just for Jersey grapplers.
NJ Grappling
Stealth BJJ Shorts
One of our earliest short designs and our longest running style.  Stealth shorts are clean and classic with a timeless look.
Maeda Project Lineage Jiu Jitsu Shirt
We made these "bad ass" jiu jitsu shirts in both gray and black as a tribute to our BJJ black belt lineage project - The Maeda Project.
Maeda BJJ Lineage T
Rolljunkie BJJ Hats
Sometimes you just need to throw on a baseball cap after training or competing.  We released a few variations when we were starting out that sold out very quick.
BJJ Hats Baseball Caps
Classic Loose Fit Long Sleeve BJJ Rash Guards
Clean look with a looser fitting torso for those who don't like their rash guards tight.
Loose Fit Rashguard
Classic II BJJ Rash Guards
Our second round of classic rash guards featured both a short sleeve and a long sleeve version.
Best MMA BJJ Rash Guards
Elite BJJ Rash Guards
Our second BJJ rash guards release ever.
Rolljunkie MMA Rashguard
Classic Jiu-Jitsu Shirts
 Our first jiu-jitsu shirt styles were classic designs in multiple colors.
BJJ Tees
Classic BJJ Shorts
The first BJJ shorts we released in 2013.  Sublimated design, fitted waistband, and a cool look.  
Rolljunkie Classic Shorts
Classic BJJ Rash Guards
This is the product that started it all. The simple design and style led the way for all of our jiu jitsu gear that followed.
bjj rashguard awesome