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Bandit Blue Ranked BJJ Rash Guard

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Blue belts represent. You're no longer a white belt - time to step your game... and your rash guard. The Bandit rash guard is now available in blue with orange and white trim. Throw one on, then go train. That blue won't turn purple unless you put in the work.

Made for jiu-jitsu addicts. 

Note to competitors: If you plan to wear this rash guard in a competition that requires ranked rash guards, it's important that you check the uniform requirements of the hosting organization to ensure this rash guard meets the specifications for the event you will be competing in. Requirements may vary significantly between organizations.


Size Chart

Size Weight
XS < 135 LBS
S 135 - 150 LBS
M 150 - 175 LBS
L 175 - 200 LBS
XL 200 - 220 LBS
2XL 220 - 235 LBS
3XL > 230 LBS


Please note that size guides are estimates only and cannot account for individual preferences.


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