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jiu jitsu zombie rash guard

Zombie BJJ Rash Guard

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With all that has happened in recent years, who could blame you if you thought the end of days was near and a zombie apocalypse was on the horizon? Thing is, the undead need rash guards too. We made this design for zombies and zombie lovers alike. The front and back feature a cranium cracked, rotted out version of our monkey logo. Looks great when training to fight against disease infested flesh eaters.

Available in a kids BJJ rash guard

Made for jiu-jitsu addicts. 

Size Chart

Size Weight
XS < 135 LBS
S 135 - 150 LBS
M 150 - 175 LBS
L 175 - 200 LBS
XL 200 - 220 LBS
2XL 220 - 235 LBS
3XL > 230 LBS


Please note that size guides are estimates only and cannot account for individual preferences.