No Gi vs Gi Jiu Jitsu

In this article, we'll introduce you to some of the differences between training in the gi and training no gi. We'll also cover what the advantages and disadvantages of each...
bjj photography

BJJ and Wrestling Indoor Photography

Since 2012, Rolljunkie has been making some of the best jiu-jitsu gear, clothing, and apparel around. And since 2012, we've also spent quite a bit of time promoting our brand...
July 06, 2020
BJJ Lineage Tree

BJJ Black Belt Tree

Rolljunkie is pleased to announce that we have re-launched the black belt lineage tree that was previously part of The Maeda Project
January 28, 2020
cauliflower ear bjj

BJJ Cauliflower Ear

What causes BJJ cauliflower ear, prevention methods, and treatment. We discuss this common occurrence in wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and MMA.
December 09, 2019
Bo Nickal vs Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan vs Bo Nickal Recap

Recap of Third Coast Grappling 3 match between ADCC champion and no gi specialist, Gordon Ryan against three time NCAA wrestling champion from Penn State University, Bo Nickal.
Best BJJ Rash Guards

Top 10 Coolest and Best BJJ Rash Guards

We rank our top ten favorites - the coolest and best BJJ rash guards based on design and style.
December 04, 2019
Gordon Ryan Bo Nickal

Gordon Ryan vs Bo Nickal

Gordon Ryan, ADCC champion and arguably the best submission grappler in the world, will compete against three time NCAA wrestling champion Bo Nickal.
Jiu Jitsu History

Jiu Jitsu History

Jiu jitsu, specifically Brazilian Jiu jitsu (or BJJ for short) is one of the most popular and fastest growing martial arts in the US today.  In this article, we’ll discuss...
December 18, 2013
white belt survival tips bjj

Tips For Surviving As A BJJ White Belt

Training jiu-jitsu as a beginner can be a challenging task.  For many, just walking into an academy for the first time to train can be intimidating. Letting a stranger grab...
December 18, 2013

BJJ Gi Guide

A BJJ gi or kimono may be just about the coolest piece of apparel one can own.  It’s worn for one purpose – to train jiu-jitsu.  It’s made to be extremely durable and...
November 01, 2013
bjj belt guide

Jiu-Jitsu Belt Guide

The Brazilian jiu-jitsu belt guide was written to provide information on the ranking system in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is meant to be a general guide on how the ranking system...
April 05, 2013
wrestling vs jiu jitsu

BJJ Grappling vs Wrestling - Beyond the Rules

There are many things that make BJJ grappling different than wrestling that go beyond just the rules and objectives.  Most will agree that wrestling has a significantly different feel and...
February 22, 2013