We've been making jiu jitsu t shirts a long time. It's one of the very first products we offered in our lineup. At the time, way back in 2012, we had our shirts screen printed in very small runs of 20 shirts to a batch. The shirts were good, soft and comfortable with cool designs just like they are now, but they weren't perfect. We knew we could do better.

first jiu jitsu shirts
Our first two shirt releases from 2012. 


So we set out to make a better shirt. First, we decided to remove that itchy neck tag and replace it with a custom printed label. Then, we ditched the screen printing for a specialty ink process that ensured our shirts were soft everywhere, even when printing large designs. No more traditional ink screen printing meant no more of that sticky, tacky feeling you find on tees from a lot of other brands.  Then, as if that wasn't enough, we decided we should give our shirts a little extra something so we added the Rolljunkie hem tag.

nj bjj shirt
One of early BJJ shirts featuring New Jersey. Cool design, but heavy on the screen print.


jiu jitsu t shirt
Our first pass at printed neck labels made a huge difference


What you see today in our jiu jitsu t shirt line up is the evolution of years of making shirts and constantly seeking ways to improve. It's an evolution of improvement and hard work, not unlike your jiu jitsu game. What does this mean for you the customer? It means you're getting an amazing product that we know you will love - super soft and comfortable t-shirts, made with specialty ink, and a hem tag to finish the look. Pick your favorite style. We have plenty to choose from, starting with our jiu-jitsu monkey shirts to our BJJ fanatics collection (features tagline "made for jiu jitsu addicts"), there is a little something for everyone. 

camo bjj shirt 
2020 shirt release, camo jiu jitsu monkey shirt.
jitsu shirts
2014 shirts with that itchy neck tag
pure mma
Old school shot of the Main brothers from Pure MMA representing our early Rolljunkie shirts.
BJJ Shirt Styles
New and old BJJ Shirt styles together.
 bjj hem tag
Rolljunkie hem tag to finish the look.


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July 20, 2020

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