Padilla BJJ

Professor Mike Padilla - No Gi Guard Passing

Renzo Gracie BJJ Black Belt, Mike Padilla from Padilla BJJ in Allentown, PA demonstrates some no-gi guard passing techniques.  If you're in the Allentown area, definitely check them out.  Awesome group of guys...
October 09, 2016
Gordon Ryan BJJ Video

Gordon Ryan and Garrett Goldsberry Instructional Videos

We just posted a couple of new BJJ instructional videos to our YouTube channel.  The first features Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt Garrett Goldsberry of North Jersey Mixed Martial Arts Academy (NJMMAA) demonstrating...
garry tonon mount escapes

Garry Tonon Instructional Video - Mount Escapes

Garry Tonon, head instructor at Brunswick BJJ Academy in New Jersey, demonstrates techniques for no gi mount escapes.  Garry is a 2-time IBJJF Brown Belt No-gi World Champion and ADCC...
August 28, 2013