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Instinct 3/4 sleeve rash guard
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Instinct 3/4 Sleeve BJJ Rash Guard

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When it comes to sleeve length, everyone has their preferences. Some grapplers insist on short sleeves, others long sleeves, and some grapplers have no preference it all. For those that want the best of both worlds, the 3/4 sleeve Instinct rash guard is the perfect choice. The sleeves have been cut to end below the elbow, but above the wrist for the perfect balance of comfort and protection. 

The instinct is styled in shades of gray, white, and black for a super clean look that pairs well with our Haze BJJ shorts. Asymmetrical sleeve logos add a distinct look to the classic branding.

Also available as a kids BJJ rash guard.  

Made for jiu-jitsu addicts. 

Size Chart

Size Weight
XS < 135 LBS
S 135 - 150 LBS
M 150 - 175 LBS
L 175 - 200 LBS
XL 200 - 220 LBS
2XL 220 - 235 LBS
3XL > 230 LBS


Please note that size guides are estimates only and cannot account for individual preferences.

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